Mikołaj Pawlak

Instytut Profilaktyki Społecznej i Resocjalizacji

New publication: ‚Coping with the unintended consequences of institutional work’

The collected volume New Themes in Institutional Analysis: Topics and Issues from European Research edited by Georg Krücken, Carmelo Mazza, Renate E. Meyer, and Peter Walgenbach has been published by Edward Edgar.

The book includes contributions from many scholars important for the New Institutional Theory, like Giuseppe Delmestri, Gili Drori, Bernard Forgues, Roger Friedland, Markus Höllerer, Georg Krücken, Michael Lounsbury, John W. Meyer, Renate E. Meyer, Walter W. Powell,  Silviya Svejenova, Peter Walgenbach, Elke Weik.

The chapter Coping with the unintended consequences of institutional work was written by Mikołaj Pawlak and Adriana Mica.