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Migrant Workers’ Perspective in Hungary, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria

Three Generations of Polish Transformation (3Gen)

National Integration Evaluation Mechanism (NIEM)

Managing the European Refugee Crisis

Institutionalization of the European Frame of Integration Policy in the metropolises of Central-Eastern Europe

Institutional Work: An Empirical Study about the Usefulness of the Concept



What fills up the sociological vacuum?

Translating integration

The use of scientific and expert knowledge in policy-making related to integration of immigrants in Poland after 2004

Practices of integration

Laboratories of integration

Strategies of survival: Integration of immigrants on the labour market

Europeanization of the interpretations of the borders and borderlands in ideologies and social activities of the local elites of the southern and eastern borderland o the IIIrd RP after the accesion to the EU

Experiment in newcomer integration

Evaluation of integration programmes for refugees in Poland

Immigration as a strategy of  New Europe

XENOPHOB: The European Dilemma: Institutional Patterns and Politics of ‘Racial’ Discrimination



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